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Tuesday, 25 October 2016 11:49
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full offfence like maybe if you cared how i feel i wont hate you so much also maybe if you cared about anything else but money i wouldnt want to die all the time like im so scared and you just scream at me instead of saying something nice like you think youre helping me i bet you do think so you are the worthless one if you think im somehow worse because i dont have a fucking job what does it matter honestly and like you know that i dont give a shit about anything but youre saying it as if it was a character flaw instead of a symptom of depression like maybe if you stopped and think for one fucking second for once you would realise that im obviously mentally ill and i seriously need you to be supportive and shit but no all you care about is whether i make money because if i dont im worthless apparently well fuck you i issss ckv axchave more th an that to offer idk or maybe but anyway it would be if ou yy jsdofu ufcking tried to care about me instead aof everyone else and money and yourself like normal mother wouuld maybe incourage me and shit like that would be nice if someone told be everything will be alright instead of just yelling at me that im lazy and never want to do anyting as i you didnt know that this is not washat my life was meant to be i wanted to have a real job and go to juni and shit like everybody else i know and this is not fair and i dont give a shit if you think its not ikmportant because its importnat to me and all you care about is if i look fuckable and make money that's just so fucked up i cant believe you dont see it and yeah i pity myself but who else would do that for me noone gives i shit how i feel so i have to give a shit how i feel that just how it works, taht your favourite phrase isnt it? thats just how it works shut up well i d c that thats just how it works its wrong and you should be there for me but youre making it even worse i fell worse whenever i talk to you and that isnt how it sould be youre the one who should think about oneself and i mean you do you only think about yourself all the fucking time but you think your amazing and when you pity yourself its somehow alright but when i do im the worst alike explain to me how the fuck is that possible im scared and you should tell me things will be fine at the end and not telling me that my future doesnt matter you selfish bitch yeah you dont have to buy me pads when it bothers you so much who needs the interent as if youre never using it bitch like im not making victim of myself you treat me as shit stop pretending im the bad one in this and i see shit cause im crying and dont see anything this is horrible how did you manage to make me feel even worse you fukcing bitch go fuck ysourself did you ever even tried to care about me like you should have told me this shit wehen i was eleven you should have told me that go to the school is useless you should have toold me that youre not hgonna pay for my uni FUCKING EARLIEER you tolod me too late too late its nto my faulttaht you were lying to me stop pretending im the one whos doing everything wrogn and youre somehow good in aevery asxpcet that bullshipt and you fucking know it i hate you so muc hi just wished i had someone to talk to someone who would taell me things willl be okay someone whol would care wf im depressed someone who would listen and care and i want to kill myself and therse nobody to talk to?its insane theres should be sOME ONE

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